Dimitar Bogdanov


About me

Hi, I'm Dimitar, I am a 15 year-old guy studying applied programming in Bulgaria. I started tinkering around with computers at the age of about 6-7, and wrote my first line of code at the age of 8 (albeit it was just "Close" in VB.NET for a button, I was - and still am - quite proud to have done that without any kind of help!)

Ever since, computers have been my top-specialty. I can code in a couple of languages, and have made lots of projects with each.


I specialise in C# and LuaU. I can also write code in Java, JavaScript, and regular Lua. Most of my experience stems from toying around with writing WinForms apps, writing many websites as a kid, a couple of attempts at writing a compiler, making numerous games with ROBLOX, and playing around with Unity.

I have also played around with the Minecraft mod "ComputerCraft", which introduces programmable computers (in Lua) to the game.


  • 2021:
  • Port Checker — a little Windows tool to see which ports on your machine are taken up.
  • Have I got Internet? — an HTML page that periodically checks if you've got Internet or not.
  • Logican — a ComputerCraft OS
  • CommonUI — a simple ComputerCraft library for creating beautiful user experiences
  • Marlin — a simple compiled programming language
  • ROBLOX Shift Logs — utilities for writing shift logs for numerous ROBLOX groups

  • 2020:
  • State of Wander — ROBLOX